Campaign One:


The Path to Sacrifice

            A good deed involves the heroes in events that reach far beyond the borders of their homeland.  Four artifacts and the nations of four races must be brought together before a terrible evil can topple Whitestone and bring the domain under the heel of a force the likes of which no one in Ergosia could conceive!





Campaign Two:


A Land of Mists

            The price of victory was more than the loss of a dear friend.  Now, the heroes find themselves cursed, and thrown out of their enemy’s domain into a foreign land where nothing is familiar, and no one seems to be an ally.  Through it all, one question lingers: What did she mean by, “Go home and learn?”





Campaign Three:


Betrayal in Blood

            Every step on the road home was paid for in blood and tears, but the heroes have returned to Ergosia.  Now, they are honored as heroes and elevated into the highest circles.  But from this new vantage, they see that things that seemed commonplace before seem hauntingly familiar now.  As heroes, they must stand against the evil revealed before them, but the sacrifice of doing so may entail much more than even they have paid in the past.





Campaign Four:


A Decade of Torment

            An old enemy rears again, and the heroes must face utter defeat before they can begin their struggle for the hardest won victory of their lives.  Everything that has come before has prepared them for the battle to come, but will even that be enough?