Asher “Shadow” Davies



Laurel Kilton



Rand Nobleblade










Asher “Shadow” Davies:


A tortured soul raised among the ridicule of humans who cannot understand him, “Shadow” suffers not only the stigma of growing a ward of the church but also the added pain of a half-elfin heritage.  Finding elves as alien as the men who surround him daily, Asher has very few friends.  The weight of his years as an outcast led him to hide behind a heavy black, hooded cloak, relishing the notion that it hides him from the world as well as it hides the world from him.

In the years ahead, Asher was driven by his goal to find his mother.  Fantasizing that she was an elfin princess, the revelation of the truth of that matter changes Asher inside.  For years, Asher struggled to overcome the depression and doubt that plague him in his youth.  Struggling with the question of his self-worth, and even his own identity, he yearns for a place in the world as well as his band of adventuring companions.

From bodyguard to leader, Asher grows over the years through several roles.  From follower to role model, his prowess in battle changed from a panicked flurry of blows to a precise master of both sword and dirk.  His hero’s journey carries him through hell and makes him stronger, ultimately transforming him from a model to a leader when his darkest hour casts a long pall over him.







A half elf with a dragon parent, Driana travels with the heroes through quite a few of their adventures.  Her unique heritage grants her strength greater than the most powerful human, and her study of the arcane arts allows her to wield even greater might against the heroes’ foes.

A selfless hero, Driana is willing to put herself at risk for others, even risking her very life before considering how she will pull herself and others out of harm’s way.  For months, her tactics are successful, and she saves the heroes as much as they save her.  It seems that as long as she is in the company of her companions she is safe.  Death cannot come calling until she finds herself alone and helpless.







A tall elf with piercing eyes, Elindil is one of the five original heroes to ride out of Loralon and embark on the quest to defeat Cereno before Ergosia can fall to the forces of darkness.  Reclusive much of the time, he adheres to the bladesinger’s code and is prepared to lend assistance whenever an elf is in need.

Unfortunately, matters beyond his control pull him away before the quest against Cereno can be completed.  Though absent in body, he never leaves the heroes from his thoughts, and he returns whenever possible, once even on the back of a mystical ki-rin.

A bladesinger of the elfin wood, Elindil cannot forsake his vows to protect his native people, even when others might indicate a greater threat exists to the domain as a whole.  To Elindil, nothing can come before the plight of the elves, and when his companions turn their eye to issues on a grander scale, Eldindil cannot always go with them.

This loyalty is a hallmark of the elf’s character, and when the time comes for a terrible sacrifice to be made, he willingly volunteers to run headlong into certain doom.  A lifetime of preparing to lay down his life for his fellow elves leaves Elindil without a moment’s hesitation when the final hour comes.





Laurel Kilton:


This halfling healer traveled with the heroes only for a single adventure, when they were known as the Heroes of Whitestone.  She was a quiet but courageous ally, doing her best to aid them with the healing arts of her people.  Once the heroes returned from their exploration of Tradecenter, though, Laurel returned to her studies of the faith, never again crossing paths with the Heroes of Whitestone.







Strong of mind and body, Kryl quickly stands out as the heroes’ leader.  Though Elindil sometimes stands shoulder-to-shoulder with him in the beginning, the latter elf’s departure mid-way through the heroes’ first quest left Kryl the chief decision maker among the group.  Honing his skills as an archer from those of a skilled hunter to those of a legendary bowman, Kryl couples lethal martial skills with keen decision-making.

Sometimes brash, Kryl’s decisions occasionally fail to take into account matters that a more careful pondering would have revealed, but in circumstances when life or death hinge upon heartbeat timing, the heroes are often glad to have someone like Kryl at the fore. 

As Kryl grows as a hero, he passes through a crisis of conscience.  The darkness of a tainted soul settles over him, but he ultimately breaks free of the bonds of his mistakes and embraces the strength of the Father over darkness.  Sadly, it is that faith that allows him to be misled, and ultimately slain in final battle against the heroes of the Vagabonds.







Kryssah travels with the heroes for a short time during their early adventures.  A druidess, she proves a stout companion and able confidante.  Always there in combat, or to console a friend after battle, she calls upon the forces of Nature to defend her allies and crush her enemies.

Time traveling with the heroes skews Kryssah’s view of what she defends.  Journeying through the Lands of Mist shows her the horrors that exist within the domains, and the way in which Nature somehow conspires against the living.  She begins to wield fire magicks with great frequency, and destruction becomes a boon companion. 

Months of unceasing violence turn Kryssah into a warrior druidess.  She harnesses the fearful might of Nature and wields them against the heroes’ foes, striking with fire and lightning. 





Rand Nobleblade:


The son of a lord of eastern Ergosia, Rand Nobleblade is given a position among the heroes.  By traveling with Kryl, Zenith, Asher, Tiara and the others, he will make a name for himself without getting himself killed.  Accompanied by a dwarven bodyguard, Rand aspires to greatness, and over the course of man painful years achieves his goal alongside the Heroes of Whitestone.  Thought he arrives later in their exploits, he has the passion and noble blood of a great man.

Touched at birth by the Father, Rand combines his martial training and discipline with the mantle of paladinhood.  Rare among the heroes of the domain, those among the chosen who survive through the fledgling stages of their careers are rarer still.  While it may seem that accompanying the heroes on their later adventures would end the brave young man’s life early, it turns out that the environment was ideal for preserving him and allowing him the opportunity to gain both the skill and the wisdom to grow into a strong and accomplished man.







Shiny black hair which barely brushes her cheek frames Tiara’s face.  Large, deep violet eyes with jet black fringes give her unguarded moments an honest, innocent appeal.  Graceful and lithe, she moves with a cat-like agility.  Though she is lean and slender, she possesses a strength which it would not be wise to test. 

In many ways still an innocent, Tiara’s journey through the world of men is eye-opening for both her and her companions.  With the power of a ranger’s link to Nature, she brings a unique perspective to the heroes’ endeavors, but it is her deadly skill with a pair of shortswords that brings even greater distinction to her position among the enemies of Ergosia. 

Ever curious, sometimes reticent, Tiara would at turns lead and follow, question and answer.  Her own inner turmoil greatly influenced her ability to impact the perils before her, but she faces each challenge with an unflinching courage and relentless spirit. 

Tiara’s deepest questions regard faith, and her place in the world.  Despite her travels with priests and druids, and the miracles she witnesses over the years, she does not feel a personal link to any individual deity.  Even during her darkest hour, she cannot bring herself to acknowledge the gods of others, when she feels that she has none herself.

An elf without a place of her own, Tiara’s home is on the road, wandering the domains with the companions she first met in Loralon.  From the first adventure to very near their last, she is ever present, always willing to do what is necessary when her friends call on her to scout an area or fell a creature of darkness.







A reclusive and quiet elf, Zenith’s motives are held as close to her breast as her thoughts on most subjects.  While she is clearly interested in doing what is right and good in any circumstance, she rarely speaks more than is absolutely necessary to accomplish any task.  Though willing to risk her life for the right cause, and even make difficult decisions when push comes to shove, she does not proselytize the way many priests of the Father might.

The reason for her abandoning the faith of her elfin ancestors is as vague as the cause that drove her away from that same study of enchantments in favor of pursuing the eldritch arts at the Academy.  After seven years of study with the humans of those schools of magic, she has developed few traits of human openness, nor does she exhibit a typical elf’s extroverted zest for life. 

Quiet and observant, Zenith likes to have as much information as possible before making a decision.  While this has crippled her occasionally in a pinch, she has also proven a crucial ally in the fight against evil when situations allow enough time to weigh possibilities and make an educated choice. 

Over the long years of her adventuring career, Zenith remains a constant.  Forgiving and patient, ready to utter healing prayers or wield her magical staff against an enemy, her primary role is that of advisor.  The heroes learn to turn to her when the going gets rough, and Zenith is always there with a reminder or suggestion.